Hey Y’all!

In an effort to you know…actually use the Website I pay for every year I’ve decided to start doing a weekly blog where I’ll talk about what’s going on in the world of Rampageo Industries these days. Everything from Stream, to current projects, and whatever I feel like talking about that week. So let’s dive right in….

First up this week in the world of Streaming….

(Doc streams Sat-Tues & Thurs Nights…Find the stream HERE )

I’ve been playing through KOTOR 2, and I’ll be honest guys it just isn’t grabbing me like it used to. I don’t know if it’s me or the game, but I’m just not feeling it so this week (tonight to be exact) I’m gonna try and feed my Star Wars hunger by starting a new character in The Old Republic MMO. I played this at launch, and a little bit last year, and I think It may scratch my itch so we will see. I’ll be posting my server in the Discord if anyone wants to hop in on this free to play MMO with me.

Also this week we had our second Tournament in the Discord. This time it was Golf With Your Friends. Cash Prizes were won by all. Starting this morning is qualifying for our SECOND Vampire Survivors Tournament, and the finals will be live on Twitch this coming Saturday. Check out the highlights of our first tournament HERE ,and if your playing Vampire Survivors join the Discord to get in yourself, and maybe win some loot!

Outside of stream not a whole lot going on this week. Work has begun in earnest on the TEWOJ Jalldoonian Lore Vol 1 Complete edition however. Most of the many many new art pieces are done with a few more on the way, and I’ve begun going through the text to add and improve the overall story. The book will feature all the short stories from the original book release, a new story added to give the book a better ending, the previously unpublished Mages Journal, another couple short stories, and a grip of new artwork like the Chris Tracy piece below. The book should be double or more in length, and will be presented in a large graphic novel size format. I believe this new book will be a much better representation of TEWOJ than ever before, but we will see.

So yeah…That’s about it for this week gang. However next month is in fact the TEN YEAR Anniversary of DoomKick so I am percolating on some new ideas for that, but maybe well get into that next Monday. Until then be well my friends!


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