Hey Gang!

Doc here, and this week I’m all about the newest game from well… From Software in the fantastic Elden Ring. Created by Mastermind Hidetaka Miyazaki with story and setting help from George RR Martin (anything to not finish that book ay Georgie?) ER take the classic Souls gameplay, and brings it into an open world. Let’s see my take on it below….

So I picked up ‘The Ring’ on my old PS4 Pro since most of my friends that I’d play a Souls games with are on PlayStation, and I neither have or at this point I think even want a PS5… digression incoming….

Ever since the launch of the first Xbox I was solidly an Xbox guy for years. The 360 era still stands as my most cherished gen, and while I’m mostly gaming on PC these days I’m pretty sure my next console will be an Xbox. With Microsoft nabbing Bethesda and Blizzard Activision, and the current lack of any real killer apps it just doesn’t make sense to get a PlayStation anymore. My next console game I’m thinking is going to be Bethesda’s Starfield because I don’t want to deal with any of the issues the come with PC gaming for that one. So I’m on the hunt for a next gen Xbox, but we’re here today to talk about Elden Ring..so let’s get back on track shall we?

Even on a last gen console ER looks FANTASTIC, and from the five hours I put into the game yesterday the classic Souls Gameplay translates very well to a new open world setting. The classic From Software silky smooth controls, and precise combat are there, but now you’ve got some freedom to choose where you’re heading next and a giant beautiful world to explore. I’m loving it so far, and really it’s been a while since a new game has really grabbed me so I think we will be seeing ER on stream for a while now, but the other good news about having the PS4 on deck for streams is there is a whole host of great games I can stream now too. Stuff like the Castlevania collections , Day of the Tentacle, Skyrim, MVC3, and more!

In other news Saturday we did our second Vampire Survivors Tournament (See the full thing HERE . Highlights Incoming) Which went very well with CASH PRIZES won by all. Join THE DISCORD to get in on our next Tourney, and maybe win some cash prizes for yourself. Plus you can have a great time chatting with us too.

So that’s really about it for this week. Catch me ON STREAM, and I’ll see y’all next week!


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