Hello Hello Hello!

Well gang…somehow it’s been ten years of Doomkick already…how? Things sure have changed round these here parts in the past decade huh? Let’s hop in the way back machine, and take a look…

The banner for the DK 1 Year Celebration done by the incomparable Ralph Niese. In a perfect world Ralph would have done something for the 10 Year, but fate stole him from us far too early. #Ralphnieseforever

Waaaaayyyyy back in the far off year of 2012 DK was birthed in unusual circumstances. I had been working on a toy review site called Plasticgraveyard.com with a friend, and as that relationship fell apart due to laziness on the other persons part. I found myself a few years in to the game with plenty of connections, and needing a new site so after a particularly crushing defeat in MVC2 against the legendary Peazy F Baby where I had been using Dr. Doom and his infamous flying kick while screaming “DOOMKICK!” over and over DK.com was brought upon the world.

starting out as toy review site I covered HUNDREDS of toys over the years. Site traffic was through the roof in a pretty short time, and with the help of some friends (like being named toy site of the year 2012 by Battlgrip.com) DK was making great headway. Times were good, and it was lot of fun doing it until… It wasn’t. You see the Toy review game really started wearing on me. nothing against any of the friends I still have in the game, but everyone was constantly doing the same stuff, and eventually it got old. Get a new toy, take pictures, write the review covering all the same stuff each time, rinse repeat. So with the advent of TEWOJ and,… you know actually making things the reviews got slower and slower until a fateful day sometime in the range of 2016-2018 there was an issue with Godaddy (my previous host and still current domain host) where they failed to notify me of a renewal that hadn’t gone through every single article on the site was lost. Godaddy was little help offering me a near $500 option not guaranteed to bring everything back. Never being one to shrink from a challenge I transitioned the site into the hub of Rampageo Industries we know it as today.

Freed from the shackles of reviewing toys, and now armed with a great place for all the stories, art, and photos I’d been building up DK relaunched, and while we never quite got back to the huge numbers the site was getting during the review days things were much better in my opinion. I was no longer feeling like I had to rush out content, and could focus on worldbuilding. TEWOJ brought about resin figures, production figures, and 3D printed figures. As well as books, comics, and a trading card game. In fact TEWOJ itself will be having its own tenth anniversary next year (good lord, time sure does fly) and let’s hope another ten after that.

A lot changes in an entire decade. So much gained and lost along the way, and while the early days were much simpler time we need to live here in the present. My commitment to this little world I’ve built remains the same. The coming years will bring more quality content. I’ve got books, comics, toys, and more in the works over here. In addition to y’all being able to interact directly with me on Stream there is still the social medias…though TBQH with you the way FB and IG are going these days I cannot say how much longer I will be using those platforms. Anyway you know at this point I don’t even have the energy to write anything else…the world is exhausting these day. Everyone be well to each other, and here’s to TEN MORE YEARS BAYBEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

See ya next week Boils and Ghouls!

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