Hey Gang! Back after a week hiatus (last week was a bit busy), and wouldn’t ya know it…I’m still hooked on the Elden Ring, and after close to 100 hours I’ve got some solid thoughts on the game. Let’s see what I’m liking so far….

The first thing I REALLY like about ER is the map. Lots of different beautiful areas with their own look with even the multiple (Thanks From) poison swamps having their own distinct look. The map is a major highlight, and its filled with more colors than all the Souls game and Bloodbourne combined. Just terrific atmosphere for a game.

The loot is another highlight. Several times each playthrough you’ll find some new bit of armor, weapons, or other items. The constant stream of new stuff makes exploring the world very fun, and opens up your options for character builds significantly. Lots of cool looking and deadly weapons are always welcome plus I love all the different options for making your character look cool…or completely dumb depending on how you wanna play it.

On the subject of options the game is FULL of them. Sometimes you’ll want to fight a boss on horseback, sometimes not. Do you want to clear that castle with your buddies? Or would you rather clear it out yourself with some summons. the choices are completely yours, and while it does seem like sometimes there is “right” way to do certain things you are never chained to that way…it will just be a lot harder for you.

Enemy variety is through the roof. Almost every day I’m seeing new enemies, and at close to 100 hours that is seriously impressive. The creativity in the enemies is great with beautiful, and beautifully ugly enemies all over the place. From simple grunts to giant bosses absolutely loving the enemies.

so there’s just a few of the things to love in this absolutely massive game. Don’t let the speed runs fool you, at near 100 hours im still a long way from defeat. So that being said catch me Streaming Elden Ring Mon,Tues,Thurs,Sat,and Sun Nights for the foreseeable future. I will be slowly trying to slide some different games into the mix in the coming weeks…especially since I need some non ER Hover clips, but for now it’s back to the Land Between. Catch y’all next week!


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