Hey Gang!

Been a busy few weeks so I haven’t been posting all that much, but I thought I’d share for posterity some of the highlight clips of all the STREAMING I’ve been doing. the clips are made for HOVER, but it’s nice to have them here in a bit better quality. Though as an affiliate I can only stream on Twitch at 720p anyway so it’s not like they video itself is the highest quality. Read on to see some more videos, and hear a bit about the process of making them…

Every single time I stream I hit the handy little “marker” button on my Stream Deck, and each week I go through the streams to find these clips to post on hover. I then take the clips from the past week, and splice them all together into a short clip which I then put some royalty free music on top off, and of course my schedule plus the website, and it’s just as simple as that. So yeah…not a huge post today, but enjoy these highlight vids, and be sure to check out the Stream Sat-Tue Nights starting around 4:30 EST

– Doc

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