Venturing Out Of The Vault…Again.

Hey gang,
Remember Fallout 76? Of course you do! It’s the Fallout game Bethesda famously bungled the launch of to a SPECTACULAR degree. Well with a bit of time the big B (now a division of the big M) has tweaked, tuned, and fixed up the game to where it’s in the state most people imagined it would be at launch and SURPRISE! It’s pretty damn good now. The game is loaded up with Ghouls, Mutants, and Monsters prime for the killing. Junk awaits to be scrapped for parts, and guess what baby? Old Doc is HERE for it!

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Doctor’s Orders #005: The Clipshow

Hey Gang!

Been a busy few weeks so I haven’t been posting all that much, but I thought I’d share for posterity some of the highlight clips of all the STREAMING I’ve been doing. the clips are made for HOVER, but it’s nice to have them here in a bit better quality. Though as an affiliate I can only stream on Twitch at 720p anyway so it’s not like they video itself is the highest quality. Read on to see some more videos, and hear a bit about the process of making them…

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Doctor’s Orders #002: Lord of the Ring..

Hey Gang!

Doc here, and this week I’m all about the newest game from well… From Software in the fantastic Elden Ring. Created by Mastermind Hidetaka Miyazaki with story and setting help from George RR Martin (anything to not finish that book ay Georgie?) ER take the classic Souls gameplay, and brings it into an open world. Let’s see my take on it below….

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