Lore: The search For Algor: Part 7

Continued from Part 6

Prince Algor looked around the battlefield… He had been traveling with Hercules and Kry-Sis for weeks now, and the trio had become great friends during that time. Earlier today they had stumbled on a mass of Archfiends and Swamp Drones on the edges of the Stygian Swamps. The battle had been long as they cut through swaths of evil doers, but they had once again won the day for the side of good. They set up camp away from the scene of the battle, and they joked with each other as a goose roasted over the open fire. Continue reading


Lore: The Search for Algor Chapter 6:

Continued from Part 5

Toron and his party after four days travel had finally reached the edge of the Desert of Morose. The party consisted of Toron, Princess Ikari, Leera the Human Warrior, Grar a Gatonian Thief, Hepzibar a Reptalos Mage, and Montirk a Dwarvinian Paladin. The group stood in the shade provided by the trees of the Vallorian Jungle (which bordered the desert) getting ready to start their journey through the sand. Continue reading

Lore: The Search for Algor Chapter 5:

Continued from Part 4

Algor wiped the blood from his blade as he looked around. Preytus was reveling in the destruction of the village, but Algor felt wrong… like he shouldn’t be doing this, and there was someplace he needed to be. Every time he thought too hard he’d hear the Acromancer’s voice booming in his head and see his skeletal face in his mind’s eye while his head went all foggy so he didn’t think much. He had been traveling with Preytus for weeks from town to town converting villagers to Archfiends to add to the dark army of the Acromancer and killing any who got in their way. Continue reading

Lore: The Search for Algor Chapter 4:

Continued from Part 3

Toron looked over the village that had changed so much in the two days since he had woken from his coma. King Valdar had sent for a legion of the Royal Slime Army that was right now making camp in the woods just outside the Grogglin village. The King had also requested help from the “big people’s” (read Humans and any non-slime sized humanoids) city of Karnok, and Emperor Pullo had sent some of his best Mages, Wizards, Seers, and a party of adventurers to aid the Slime King in searching for his son. Continue reading

Lore: The Search for Algor Chapter 3:


Continued from Part 2 ...

Prince Algor awoke covered in some kind of ooze. Last he remembered he had been traveling Barrwood Forest with Toron when they were besieged by a pack of dark creatures that had pulled him into some kind of portal. The ooze crept over his body, and he could feel the evil force behind it trying to bend his mind to its will. As he struggled in the mire a hand pulled the Prince from the swamp. Continue reading