Organizations: Religions of Jalldoon

Religion on Jalldoon is a mixed bag.The main religion is the worship of the Gods of Jalldoon with temples devoted to each scattered about the Planet, but Jalldoon is also home to any number of religions brought to the planet from various beings transported there through the space-time rips.

Over millennia the religions brought to the Planet have been warped to the point that practitioners of them would scarcely recognize their faith, but they have influenced the directions and minds of Jalldoon in their own ways.


Events: Humanity Appears on Jalldoon

The first Humans appeared on Jalldoon a few centuries after the first Slimes squished their way out of the Rip Dust. An entire community from Chichester England had been sucked into a Space-Time Rift and was brought to Jalldoon.

After several millennia the Human Race has spread over almost the entire planet, and become one of the more prominent races on Jalldoon. Much like humanity here on earth Jalldoonian humans are mixed bag of good seeds and bad apples.

Organizations: The Covenant of Crowns

Many generations ago a cabal of one hundred Generals plotted to conquer the entire Planet Jalldoon in what is known as the Great War. Each of these generals brought an army of one thousand soldiers, and with the largest force ever assembled began eliminating Kings, Queens, Emperors, Sultans, and any other rulers spread out across the Planet. As news traveled of this the various royalty of Jalldoon banded together in what would become known as the Covenant of Crowns. Even one hundred Generals with one thousand soldiers each is no match for the combined armies of Jalldoon, and after the war was over these leaders gathered and decided for the sake of the entire Planet laws must be put in place to prevent forces gathering in a bid to control all of Jalldoon.  Continue reading “Organizations: The Covenant of Crowns”