Many generations ago a cabal of one hundred Generals plotted to conquer the entire Planet Jalldoon in what is known as the Great War. Each of these generals brought an army of one thousand soldiers, and with the largest force ever assembled began eliminating Kings, Queens, Emperors, Sultans, and any other rulers spread out across the Planet. As news traveled of this the various royalty of Jalldoon banded together in what would become known as the Covenant of Crowns. Even one hundred Generals with one thousand soldiers each is no match for the combined armies of Jalldoon, and after the war was over these leaders gathered and decided for the sake of the entire Planet laws must be put in place to prevent forces gathering in a bid to control all of Jalldoon. 

All these years later the Covenant holds strong. The Planet has been organized into regions by continent, and most of those regions have multiple kingdoms working together for the sake of the Planet. The Covenant meets several times a year in scheduled meetings on Crown Isle where all the leaders discuss issues and solutions to problems plaguing their territories. Decisions are made based on majority vote which leads to some of the more powerful members using their influence to sway votes in their favor, but for the most part the Covenant of Crowns does fairly well protecting the average citizens of Jalldoon. Occasionally an emergency meeting will be called, and all rulers and their entourages will make haste to Crown Isle to quickly address a problem.

The Covenant also employs its own army of highly trained, and well equipped guards. These guards are deployed when a region may need some extra muscle defending itself from all manner of threats, or if a particular leader may be voted to be acting against the interests of the Covenant itself which is very very rare. A leader by law cannot be dethroned by the Covenant, but they can be intimidated to relinquish control by the presence of thousands of Covenant Guards flooding into their cities and taking over the duties of keeping the peace. The Covenant of Crowns is the highest rule in the land, and keeps Jalldoon from descending into chaos.

The Covenant of Crowns is extremely worried about Black Magic being practiced by Citizens of Jalldoon. Any whiff of the dark arts will get a leader or civilian tossed in the Covenant Cells even if the evidence against them is flimsy at best. This fear propels normal Citizens to report any suspected users immediately to the nearest Covenant Guards.


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