In a few short weeks (Feb 10th) Zolocon returns for its third year, and like always Rampageo Ind. will be there with some special products for the show. This year Brownnoize and I will have some really hot stuff so let’s take a look.


Deep Space Prince Algor: 

Gifted to him by the by the servant of the God Jah Dume while investigating the space station known as Dumestroid this space suit allows Prince Algor to survive in the harsh coldness of space.  Equipped with his Blaster Rifle, Algor is ready for whatever space throws at him.

featured in the story “Slimes of the Cosmos” (Coming soon right here on DoomKick)

Each figure will be $75 and includes:

3D printed arms, legs, armor, and accessories

Production Zoloworld core and Prince Algor Slime head.

Full TEWOJ Packaging.

Super Limited Run.

*Helmet is non-removable, but full head articulation is retained.





Daemon Armor Quazarec:

Quazarec returns! Decked out in his mysterious new Daemon Armor the benevolent android from parts unknown is ready to help his friends defend Jalldoon! With his removable helmet and vicious power axe, Quazarec is not to be trifled with.

featured in an upcoming story that will be right here on DoomKick, and debuting the ALL NEW Clamshell style armor type!!!!!!!

Each figure will be $75 and includes:

3D printed arms, legs, armor, and accessories.

Glow in the dark eyes and accessory feature

Production Zoloworld core.

Full TEWOJ Packaging.

Super Limited Run.





Full Production Slime Fiend (Algor Edition):

The villainous Slime Fiend returns in the colors of his prey. Thirsting for Prince Algor the Slime Fiend wanders the planet looking for Slimes to eat.

Each figure will be $40 and includes:

Full production figure, and accessories.


Full TEWOJ Packaging.

Hyper Super Limited Run.

*I have not had time to take any kind of “official” pics of this figure.


Art Prints:

there will be three art prints available at the show as well. Two prints from Chris Faccone (who will be at the show and available to sign prints) and one from Tim Wilsie.

Prints will be $10 each or 3 for $20



I’ll also have the last few of the TEWOJ Master Boshak T-shirts for sale for $10 each.

So there you have it! Lots of fire this year at Zolocon, but fear not intrepid TEWOJer after this blast there won’t be another TEWOJ Sale until late May/ Early June when Friar Lovac drops on the world. See you all at ZOLOCON!!

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