void patrol trooper

This Post is overdue, but things have been wild around here recently so my apologies. First and foremost THANK YOU, Everyone, for such a tremendous show of love for these guys! They sold out in a heartbeat, and I’m surely going to need to adjust my run sizes accordingly. So let’s talk about a few things. Like when those who missed out can get their hands on some VP goodness.

This first run of VP was small and also big at the same time. The actual run was not huge, but there was a lot of learning involved so it was a LOT of work. So while I will be pumping a few more of these guys (more on that in a bit) I’ts gonna be a while before I can commit to another run even bigger. A lot of the issues I had this time won’t be present next time, and after a lot of tweaking, I have found a formula for smoothing and matte of these guys that leads to much stronger joints overall.

Up Next is the new TEWOJ Figure .which should be towards the end of July, but while I’m getting those ready I do plan to do another short run of VP figures. New colors same sculpts so at least those that missed out can hopefully get a figure or two as well. I’ve started a bit of the preliminary work on the next figures in the line as well. The Pheonix Corp will introduce all-new body parts with some swaps just like this previous wave, but it will probably only be 1 figure and 1 adventure set or just 2 figures this time as that was one of the issues with the last drop. A total of 3 figures spread across 2 colorways made what was a good amount of figures into smaller groups of figures. All of that contributed to the massively quick sell out. I think limiting the options a bit can make creating stock easier all around. But if you were really bummed on missing this drop please feel free to contact me at Drrampageo@Doomkick.com we can figure something out.

I’m currently hard at work on the TEWOJ Lore Book, but there is plenty of Void Patrol stories in the works as well, but alas I’m just one dude adrift in a sea of things to do with not enough time in the day to get it all done. So it’s coming…it’s all coming. Tons of cool stuff in the pipeline. Including two TEWOJ Books…yes TWO BOOKS!

Peep the art above by James Kobull the first piece of VP art (despite not being posted first…whoops.) You can see the full image in the Artwork section.

Below you can see the cover of an upcoming TEWOJ book featuring Art by Chris Faccone.

It’s a white cover that just happens to blend into the background here…thumbs up Doc, great job buddy!


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