Been a bit quiet the past few days, and here’s why…

Void Patrol is something I’ve been working on for a while, and now the first figure is ready to be shown off a little. So I can already hear you saying “Doc, you’re a 5.5 guy why start a whole new line in a new scale?” Well the answer is simple really. Read on to find out.

While I love 5.5 my first toy love growing up was really GI-Joe and Star Wars toys, and my love as an adult is articulated figures that are fun to pose. With the blessing of 3D printing I can finally make these figures with relative ease. another reason is working in 5.5 there is a lot of limits if you want to stay true to the format. Despite what evidence in other 5.5 toys would show you, a 5.5 figure should be a bit let’s say…low on details and so it’s a little limiting from a creation standpoint, and the five points of articulation leaves little room for real posing. Void Patrol allows me to stretch my wings a bit creatively and in articulation. Fans of TEWOJ never fear the 5.5 stuff will continue, but this new line will actually be good for everyone as it allows me more time to space out TEWOJ stuff  saving your wallets and keeping it fresh. Anyway forget all that we’re talking VP here so let’s go over some specifics…



Construction: Each figure is 100% 3D printed which allows me to keep prices low, and they will be packaged frugally (likely a plain box with a sticker) as well to avoid further expense in purchase and shipping. This is the reason these guys take so long however as testing must be done to ensure they hold up to posing and play.

Delivery: Figures will be Day of Sale to keep work to easy level. Which means VP will go up and ship out almost instantly. Usually with TEWOJ i’ll make one figure then put them up and make the rest based on orders (and a set limit), but this leads to a a lot stress so I’m trying to avoid that here (and in TEWOJ too honestly) and keep it simple. This may lead to a bit of growing pains as I figure out exactly how many people want these, but the beauty of 3D printing is I can always make more.

Price: Each VP figure is going to be $25 each with possible deluxe figures coming in at a higher price. I’ve also got “adventure Sets” planned which will consist of a special figure, and some background elements and accessories which should be $40 each. At this scale Vehicles and play sets are much easier to do so they will be coming as well (price TBD)

Articulation: Each figure features Ball joints at the head, shoulders,elbows,knees, and ankles. As well as swivels at the waist and wrists. You get some great movement out of these guys, and I cant wait to start taking pics of the finished figures once they are done.

Release: VP Wave 1 will be dropping “soon” probably May/June , but maybe earlier depending on how quick I can nail everything down, and figure out the TEWOJ figures coming down the pike (yes I am supremely busy working on all this LOL). The plan is to release this first figure as a kind of “boot camp” setting which will be a few variants of troopers in the colors of their company. Fresh unmarred armor and no mods (mods will come into play later with more experienced troopers) for these soldiers, but the two Companies of soldiers will at least give you guys some figures to fight each other until the actual bad guys come out.  I also have a pretty great idea for the adventure set for wave 1 so stay tuned.

Updates: Obviously I’ll be posting updates here on DK, but there is a Void Patrol Facebook page setup HERE if you’d like to stay up to date, and see all kinds of WIP pics.

So yeah I’m pretty excited to drop this new line on the world and diversify my bonds as it were.

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