2147 AD:

In the near one hundred fifty years since humanity was introduced to the rest of life in the galaxy things have changed drastically.

Earth now under the control of one regime has officially joined the Galactic Council of Planets, and in a bid to do their part protecting the Galaxy has with the help of Khanian engineers created six “extended trip” Warships to travel the Galaxy on peace keeping missions.

Only the most skilled of Council soldiers are selected for duty on these warships making it a great honor to be chosen.

However, honor comes with a price. Long tours away from home and near-constant incursions with any number of enemies as well as the high mortality rate make any soldier think twice about accepting an offer to serve.

The most highly decorated of these ships is the Warship Reikyūsha out of Japan. Helmed by fleet Admiral Yoshi Takura, the Reikyūsha floats through deep space searching out trouble wherever it can find it in what soldiers on these ships have dubbed Void Patrol.

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