Hey gang! Today I’ve got some information about the future of both TEWOJ and Void Patrol. There is a couple of bullet points I need to hit on so let’s dive on in…First and foremost I have been hearing about some figures showing up disheveled or broken in the packages. This is totally unacceptable at any point, but especially at this price point. My goal is to deliver a great figure for your purchase, and while it hasn’t been many figures even one is too many so…something needs to change. The packaging was thoroughly tested, but I guess I cant replicate the ham fist of the USPS properly here so my solution to this is multi fold.

Part 1: Figures will now default at $65 each and come in a bag with a TEWOJ header card.

Part 2: for an extra $10 you can purchase the Collector upgrade which will net you one Zoloworld protective case and a carded TEWOJ figure. Instead of the previous method of sealing the case with a sticker these figures will be attached to the card still, but they will be packed safely in the card with some bubble wrap. Once your figure arrives safe and sound you can simply open the card and remove the bubble wrap to have a full carded figure for in package display. Packing these guys can be costly so this way people who want carded figures can get them without fostering the extra cost onto figures that will just be opened anyway. JLE Members will be getting FREE Collector upgrades on any figures they purchase. This way everyone wins.

Beyond that bit of unpleasantness I’ve got some other news to announce…

The Jalldoon League of Explorers:

will be re opening soon (as I keep saying) but with a twist. Instead of loading the kit up with a bunch of expensive to produce stuff this time it membership will be $20 and include 1 High Quality art print of the Map of the Southwest region of Jalldoon, 1 Membership card, and 1 JLE button. This allows me to leave the Membership indefinitely open so those who want to join can with ease. Membership is for life so there will be nothing else to buy ever. There will be even more members only items as the year goes on so joining up will have definite perks. Once I get the cards made up I’ll get the membership up into the store. Current JLE Members already have the button, but prints of the map (which you have in cloth) and cards will be included in existing members first orders after the club goes live again.

Jalldoonian lore volume 1: A full fledged TEWOJ book. Featuring art for each story by Tim Wilsie and a cover by Chris Faccone this book will collect the first 5 TEWOJ stories in chronological order. Release date TBD (just waiting on the cover and text editing now)

TEWOJ release schedule.

here is the current TEWOJ planned releases…

Doom Buggy and Shocktrooper Jockey: Another couple weeks of work should see the jockey finished, and once that’ts done I’ll be putting the Doom Buggy up for pre order. As this is a big ticket item I’ll only be producing them one at a time for those that want them. $150 +ship

Friar Lovac: The restless Vampire hunting spirit joins the ranks as the next TEWOJ figure. The Friar is about 99.999% complete with only a few adjustments to his armor and accessories to be made, and then production of the figure. Lovac will be dropping Late June/Early July and will be $65

Grar the Gatonian Thief: The heroic Gatonain finally makes his action figure debut. Beyond the head work on Grar is still in its infancy, but Grar is scheduled to show up September/ October and will be $65

Accessory sets: This year will see two different accessory sets released as well between TEWOJ figure sales. Each set will be $20 with one coming after Lovac, and one coming after Grar.


I told you TEWOJ would be slowing down with the figures this year. The break to your wallets and my sanity will be most welcome on both ends I imagine. With this slowed schedule I aim to make each figure as jaw dropping as possible so be ready!

Void Patrol makes it debut: VP will be debuting mid-late may with a few options.

Basic figures (in 2 different color schemes) $25 each

Adventure set (one figure, with some background/diorama pieces) $40

I’m very excited about this all new line, and I can’t wait for y’all to get your hands on them.

So that’ts about all I’ve got for today…I gotta get back to work.

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