Created by Baron Dracktholme as a small ground vehicle for his forces, the Doom Buggy is a one-person all-terrain rover. Being controlled by foot pedals and the shifting of the driver’s weight leaves the operator’s hands free to wield weapons. Using a unique thermal engine the exhaust system pumps out the excess steam from the rear pipes which produce a trail behind the Buggy as it drives along the Planet’s surface.

Featuring a front mounted scanner “eye” that is linked to a screen on the main console the Buggy can find even a hidden individual… which comes in handy when the Shocktroopers invade villages looking for people to snatch up and brainwash into their ranks. Also featuring on-board guns the Buggy is a much-feared sight among the civilians of Jalldoon. The Doom Buggy is capable of being driven by any of Dracktholme’s forces but is most commonly seen piloted by the Shocktrooper Jockey who unlike their brethren have their heads removed and replaced by their brain being hooked up to special helmets which are then sealed onto their bodies. This unique and horrifying tactic is preferred for the jockeys because it allows their helmets to interface directly with the various vehicles in Dracktholme’s fleet which in turn makes them better pilots.

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