Factions: Phoenix Corp Remnants


The Phoenix Corporation was at one time one of the three most powerful corporations on earth with some of the highest and most advanced weaponry available, but in the course of their feud with StanzTech was driven from the Planet after siding with the now defunct US Government in a bid to stop both StanzTech and Rampageo Industries. Pushed into space, the corporation built up large armies hidden in outposts across the Galaxy. Until a failed raid on what they thought was a StanzTech convoy turned out to be a Council civilian relocation effort. This brought Phoenix Corp onto the Council’s most wanted list. After their leader’s death three years ago the remnants spread across the Galaxy, joining with pirates and criminals to become a threat to law-abiding citizens everywhere. The Phoenix Corp remnants are hunted mercilessly by the Galactic Council.

Factions: The Galactic Council


The law of the Galaxy. Any Planet can join the council, but only those under a stable planet wide rule get a seat on the council itself. The council is made up of fourteen members from the most powerful regimes headed by the Khanian Emperor who controls a large swath of planets. The remaining planets have representatives who report to their assigned council member. Ninety nine percent of the Galaxy has chosen to live under Council Law, but the remaining planets are home to pirates, criminals, and any number of undesirables.

Void Patrol:

2147 AD:

In the near one hundred fifty years since humanity was introduced to the rest of life in the galaxy things have changed drastically.

Earth now under the control of one regime has officially joined the Galactic Council of Planets, and in a bid to do their part protecting the Galaxy has with the help of Khanian engineers created six “extended trip” Warships to travel the Galaxy on peace keeping missions. Continue reading “Void Patrol:”